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Community Events

Lokahi Wellness offers donation based community events, both virtually and in person. All donations go to our community wellness fund which provides scholarships for medical care for the undeserved population.


(All events require prior registration at least 24 hours before event time)


Lava Tube Walk

Venture through our very own lava tube right on our property. A lava tube is a natural tunnel formed by flowing lava from a volcanic eruption. It is likely that our lava tube was formed by an eruption that took place about 4500 years ago by the volcano Mauna Kea! (Please bring your own flashlight and athletic shoes).

Saturdays 8am-6pm

Yoga & Meditation

Join us on the lawn of our 3 acre farm for weekly yoga & meditation classes. Classes are 1 hour. All levels welcome!

Saturdays 10am

Outdoors Yoga Class
Joy of Harvest

Farm to Table Experience

Pick your own fruits and vegetables and learn how to make amazing raw plant based snacks! Our in house chef will share a variety of fun recipes that will nourish your body and delight your taste buds.

Saturdays 12pm

Joy of Harvest
Joy of Harvest
Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

Virtual Prenatal Yoga & Meditation Classes

We invite the soon-to-be mothers in our community to connect with us through our private virtual space. We offer a variety of classes through Zoom to accommodate all of our mothers from anywhere in the world!

Mondays 6pm

Tuesdays 9am

Wednesdays 12pm

Thursdays 9pm

Fridays 6am


*All times in HST. Please covert to your time zone!

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