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What is "Lokahi"?

Lokahi means unity in mind, body, and soul and harmony with the world around us. We believe that living in this way is the ultimate recipe for health and wellness.


Our philosophy is that the body can heal itself when placed in the right environment. This includes our external surroundings like our home, work, air quality, food choices, relationships etc. as well as our internal physiological processes and patterns. At the Lokahi Collective, we provide the tools and resources you need to harmonize all aspects of you - to live Lokahi.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients live in alignment with their highest and best selves in mind, body, and spirit by providing comprehensive holistic healthcare in an optimal healing environment. Founded on the ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Vedic Yoga, as well as the modern practices of spirituality, neuroscience, and bio-individual nutrition, we help our clients connect with their innate ability to self-heal and ultimately become their own doctor.

Customized Programs For

Optimal Health & Wellness in All Aspects of Life

Spiritual Healing + Soul Integration

Life Energy Cultivation

Manifesting the Desires of Your Heart

Breaking Toxic Cycles and Generational Trauma

Managing Stress & Tension in a Healthy Way

Musculoskeletal Rebalancing + Alignment

Mind-Body Connection

Reprogramming Limiting Beliefs

Finding Purpose + Inner Peace

Creating and Sustaining Healthy Relationships

Becoming the Highest and Best Version of Yourself

Meet Your Practitioner

Justyn Bonomi

Justyn is a certified holistic life coach, quantum healer, Reiki practitioner, yoga & meditation teacher, and is currently studying to become a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

With over a decade of experience and intensive training from all over the world, Justyn has created her signature transformational program, the Lokahi Method, which you can read more about it 

To learn more about Justyn's story, click 

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