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The Lokahi Method has helped hundreds of men and women heal their bodies and minds from the past, find peace, purpose, and power in the present moment, and create their most desirable future with ease and flow. Here’s what the graduates of the Lokahi Method Program say:

The noticeable difference that took place for me months ago, started with this beautiful gem, Justyn Bonomi. I met Justyn years back in Huntington Beach. I felt the connection between us was pretty simultaneous. I loved her energy from the moment I met her. I became Facebook friends with her and admired her growth as each year passed. My admiration for the divine light she embodied on a daily basis, became the first reason I reached out to her. I think I just went with the blunt approach and asked her how she radiated such a light even in the midst of so much darkness and asked her how I too, could radiate that same light. Turned out she had a three month program called Highest Self Network, a one-on-one mentoring program. I signed up within the month and noticed a difference in myself almost instantly. She helped me heal from deeply rooted past hurts I didn’t even know I still struggled with. She gave me the tools I needed to conquer mental battles, meditate when I couldn’t shut my thoughts down, the tools I needed to set healthy boundaries when my disease to please tried to take front seat. She helped me find the confidence in all that I am on the inside which in turn radiated an unstoppable beauty on the outside. She taught me to truly love all 29 years of me, no matter what the years brought. Justyn brought out a light in me that I haven’t felt since I was a little girl. We laughed hard, and we cried A LOT too. We prayed, we meditated, and we healed together. Justyn’s energy is contagious, and I would recommend this program ten out of ten times. There isn’t a doubt in my mind about her. I know God is using her in big ways and this is just the beginning of something incredible for her walk in changing peoples lives. Spiritual growth and physical growth are so important, but honing in on what goes on inside of us, offers a kind of peace I truly believe every single human deserves to feel. The healing, the happiness, the tools and gifts she brings, are truly priceless. I’ll always thank Justyn for being the vessel of light that I never even knew I needed. If embodying this kind of light and happiness sounds like something for you, head on over to her page and check out her program.

Sarah Guthrie

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