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The Lokahi Method

1-on-1 transformational life coaching program

The Lokahi Method is Justyn's signature 10-week program that connects your mind, body, and soul and creates harmony and flow in all aspects of your life. 

Depending on where you are in life, this may or may not sound far-fetched. I am here to tell you that is in fact possible and you are meant to experience this alignment. It is your true nature - your birthright - to feel this inner peace and connection within yourself and the resulting flow with the Universe.

So what actually happens when you are in alignment? Everything that your soul truly desires to experience in this lifetime; whether that is optimal health, financial wealth, wholesome relationships and/or anything else that deeply resonates with you. When your mind, body, and soul are aligned, you effortlessly manifest the life you want to live.

Alignment is the KEY for manifestation.

Manifestation is the art of making your dreams and desires a reality - and this starts within the subconscious belief system. The problem is that most people are totally unaware of their subconscious beliefs because they are in a different part of the brain that is not easily accessed from a conscious state. Accessing the subconscious is a process that can feel scary for many people because within this space is where ALL of our "shadow aspects" reside.

Our "shadow aspects" are the parts of us we hide from the world and from ourselves. They are the parts of us we may not like or may be ashamed to acknowledge. It is human nature to disassociate from the shadow self because the brain's job is to protect us from danger. But when we try to repress or ignore these parts of ourselves, we perpetuate the same patterns over and over again... because we have not yet learned how to have a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP with them.

A lesson will keep showing up until it is learned...


There are many ways to learn andn grow. The market is saturated with "mind, body, spirit" techniques. But it is important to know that the Lokahi Method is very unique. It integrates holistic medicine from different cultures and philosophies and supports the RELATIONSHIP between you and all aspects of yourself and your life.

Within the 10 weeks of working 1-on-1 with your practitioner, you will experience healings and  breakthroughs that will positively change the way you see yourself and the world. You will heal from past hurts, reprogram your belief system to support the best version of yourself, optimize your mind-body connection, create healthy sustainable relationships, and find inner peace.

The course of the Lokahi Method program is entirely dependent on the individual's current state of Being, goals, and willingness to open up and go deep. Regardless of where you are in like, the Lokahi Method will help you find the path that fulfills your soul and reveals your true purpose.

Lokahi means unity in mind, body, and spirit and harmony with the world around you. This is what humans need in order to thrive - CONNECTION. This is what so many people are missing in their lives. Without connection, we cannot experience harmony and we will always be left feeling empty.


Harmony is the essence of optimal health.



But the world we live in does not value this and therefore it is not taught in mainstream education. It is hidden in the ancient teachings of those who have come before us and it is up to us to seek out the guidance we need.



When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

If you are ready to dive deep into your internal world, to free yourself from the pain and suffering of disconnection, to empower yourself to create the life you have always dreamed of... this program is for you.

You are ready to manifest your heart's desires. When you LIVE LOKAHI, it couldn't be any other way...






Services provided within the Lokahi Method include but are not limited to the following:

Leaf Stem

Quantum Healing + Subconscious Work

In order to change ANYTHING in your life, you have to get to the root of why it's happening in the first place and what you're meant to learn from it. Quantum Healing is a cognitive-behaviorial technique that utilizes deep meditation to re-pattern the subconscious mind - how you change behavior. Whether your goal is healing from past traumas, optimizing athletic or business performance, or to simply live a more purposeful and empowered life, this modality creates the foundation you need to get there.

Kundalini Yoga Lotus

Yoga + Meditation

Yoga is a philosophy of life that unifies the mind and body with the whole. It is most commonly known as the awareness of one's physical posture within time and space. Meditation is the practice bringing the mind back to center when it wanders. It allows us to respond intentionally to any stimulus from a place of neutrality versus reacting unconsciously based on one's past experiences. Yoga & Meditation are integral practices for optimal health. 

Organic Vegetables

Holistic Nutrition + Herbal Medicine

The gut is the second brain. It plays a key role in certain diseases and imbalances in the body. Your gut health will also reveal your mental/emotional process of receiving external stimuli from others. Holistic nutrition takes into account ALL aspects of 

Back Massage

Self-Myofascial Release

Trauma is stored in the physical body. Self-myofascial release helps you recognize where you are holding tension from unprocessed emotions or patterns of imbalance.


Reiki + Integrated Energy Healing

Reiki is an ancient Japanese medicine that utilizes life force energy for the purpose of healing and balancing. It is a powerful tool used to clear the energy field of any unwanted energy whether it is manifested physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Integrated Energy Healing is a special technique that combines reiki, chakra balancing, and cognitive behavioral re-patterning. These practices can be used on others or on oneself and are very effective for nervous system regulation.

The Lokahi Method has helped hundreds of men and women heal from the past, look forward to the future, and find peace and purpose in the present moment. Here’s what the graduates of the Lokahi Method say:

The noticeable difference that took place for me months ago, started with this beautiful gem, Justyn Bonomi. I met Justyn years back in Huntington Beach. I felt the connection between us was pretty simultaneous. I loved her energy from the moment I met her. I became Facebook friends with her and admired her growth as each year passed. My admiration for the divine light she embodied on a daily basis, became the first reason I reached out to her. I think I just went with the blunt approach and asked her how she radiated such a light even in the midst of so much darkness and asked her how I too, could radiate that same light. Turned out she had a three month program called Highest Self Network, a one-on-one mentoring program. I signed up within the month and noticed a difference in myself almost instantly. She helped me heal from deeply rooted past hurts I didn’t even know I still struggled with. She gave me the tools I needed to conquer mental battles, meditate when I couldn’t shut my thoughts down, the tools I needed to set healthy boundaries when my disease to please tried to take front seat. She helped me find the confidence in all that I am on the inside which in turn radiated an unstoppable beauty on the outside. She taught me to truly love all 29 years of me, no matter what the years brought. Justyn brought out a light in me that I haven’t felt since I was a little girl. We laughed hard, and we cried A LOT too. We prayed, we meditated, and we healed together💫Justyn’s energy is contagious, and I would recommend this program ten out of ten times. There isn’t a doubt in my mind about her. I know God is using her in big ways and this is just the beginning of something incredible for her walk in changing peoples lives. Spiritual growth and physical growth are so important, but honing in on what goes on inside of us, offers a kind of peace I truly believe every single human deserves to feel. The healing, the happiness, the tools and gifts she brings, are truly priceless. I’ll always thank Justyn for being the vessel of light that I never even knew I needed. If embodying this kind of light and happiness sounds like something for you, head on over to her page and check out her program.


Justyn, thank you so much for providing me with the tools to tap into my mind, body, and spirit. It was truly amazing to unlock the key component in life; what fuels us every day but may not get enough attention - the connection of our mind to our body. Being a professional athlete is stressful, draining, and has a taken a huge emotional toll on me. The time I was able to spend with you gave me the opportunity to take a step back from my harsh reality and enter a world where I can be free, simply being myself, what I now know as my highest self. I continue to use my mind, body, and spirit connection to strive for excellence in my sport and my life each day.


I didn’t realize how much love I was restricting from myself and giving to others without even thinking. Once I started working with Justyn, my self worth and self talk improved tremendously. All of my relationships with family and friends changed for the better. Through inner child work, breathing techniques, stream of consciousness writing, daily meditation, and energy clearing (to name a few), I’ve been able to maintain a much more calm and even temperament throughout my day. I feel at peace even in times of adversity. I cannot thank Justyn enough for being my guide and teacher throughout all the tough bumps in the road. I thank her every day as I wouldn’t be so in touch with myself without her. Thank you so much Justyn. I am happy, whole, and complete.


In simple Justyn is an incredible healing soul with much knowledge and awareness of the mind-body connection. She has much wisdom, grace, intelligence, compassion to share with this planet. She has a genuine love, care, curiosity for healing herself and then consequently being able to bring forward for her clients. I have had several sessions with Justyn in-person & virtually. I adore her unique offerings, I’m always left feeling more connected to the truth of who I am. Being able to further integrate more aspects of myself with love. I have done much healing in my life but Justyn’s grounded high energy approach has helped to facilitate a whole new approach for my own self-healing. It has created more momentum in my relationships, businesses, and just life in general. She transcending old belief systems of the way we look at ourselves in a whole light and way. I would recommend everyone and anyone to see Justyn to have a healthy healing relationship with yourself and fall in love with you again!


Using words to "review" Justyn has proven very difficult. Her presence is something that must be experienced for you to funny understand. I'll say that after talking to her I feel more grounded, centered, and alive. My wife says the same. She's a true gift to the world, and anyone fortunate enough to work with her will agree.


Justyn is an amazing coach and brings infectious positive energy to her work. I came to her to help with breathing under the pressures of competitive golf, but ended up gaining so much more than just help with breathing. Her ability to listen to me, find out what I needed and help me was remarkable. She is super talented, smart and has a great ability to push clients towards their goals. I feel like Justyn is such a great coach because she combines so many positive attributes into who she is and what she does. She cares, but also doesn’t sugarcoat what you need to do to improve. Her ability to help me stay in the moment and care for myself in a new way is remarkable. I would highly recommend her work to anyone looking for coaching.


Justyn's program was a safe space for me. She helped me realize that there are people in this world who truly understand and have compassion for others. She was able to see me as I am now and also introduced me to my inner child who I’ve never really connected with or listened to before. Little me had been caged up and afraid for 67 years and is now finally free from the guilt, shame, and doubt I was carrying for so long. I didn't even know what inner child work was until I met Justyn, but because of her gentle guidance through such deep vulnerability, I am happier than I knew was possible. Words really cannot describe how incredibly so grateful I am for Justyn. Our time together has taught me how to be at peace with myself and create my own calm and enlightening space for me to be whole and complete.


Justyn is a God-sent soul, and is vital to my ongoing growth. I completed her 10-week program and she helped me refine my values, lovingly confront childhood wounds, and process my emotions. She taught me so many tools to process and navigate life. My life is forever changed knowing her and I am forever grateful.


Out of all the mentors I have sought out over the years, Justyn is by far one of the best that I’ve had the honor of learning from. I came to her with some very difficult personal issues, and from the beginning she made me feel so grounded and at peace. Her wisdom is beyond her years and I can't thank her enough for helping me heal from the crippling limiting beliefs I had developed during my traumatic childhood. The road to self-love can be so hard for some people, but Justyn makes it fun somehow. My time with Justyn has taught me how to truly relax and practice living my life in its truest form. Highly recommend her!


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